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We do not just supply medical equipment

Medonica Co., Ltd was founded in 2009 in Seoul, South Korea.
The core business of our company is the production of high quality and modern X-ray machines.
Our equipment developed by highly qualified Korean specialists with many years of
experience in the field of X-ray technology.
Our experts is not just experienced engineers but qualified doctors with experience of
clinical work in hospitals, well versed in the specifics of medical equipment in practice.

Since inception, the main goal of our company is the development of the healthcare
industry worldwide, as well as the promotion of the market of medical equipment
with excellent quality and affordable price.

In 2008, Medonica opened its representative office in Almaty, confirming that Kazakhstan
and Central Asia are the priority of its activity.
In 2009, Medonica opened its office in St. Petersburg, rushing their skills and knowledge
to the development of medical industry of Russia and CIS countries.

The development strategy of our company is the expansion of the product line and the
improvement of the quality of service.
We constantly develop the new models of X-ray machines including digital systems.

We carry out the installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment,
the organization of warranty and after warranty service,
methodological support, prompt supply of spare parts and
consumables and the training of doctors in operating the equipment in the workplace.

We provide complete projects on equipping public hospitals and private clinics
only through our own network of dealers.

We do not just supply medical equipment;
we are interested in health of each individual person, the success of our partners and the professionalism of practitioners!

Medonica. A Partner for Health