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Have a question? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.
If you don't see the answer to your question below, don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Q: I 'd like to know minimum room dimensions necessary for an MRI system and X-ray
  • RFM-525HF & BLUE-DR system
    X-ray room : 4000(W) x 3000(L) x 2900(H) (mm) ,Operating room 2000(W) x 2000(L)(mm)
  • MRI system
    RF shield room : 5000(W) x 6000(L) x 2900(H) (mm),
    Equipment room : 3000(W) x 6000(L) x 2900(H)(mm) or 5000(L) x 3000(W) x 2900(H)(mm)
    Operating room : 3000(W) x 2000(L)
  • If you want to know the detail information about Pre-installation, Please contact us
Q: Do Digital X-ray system and MRI system support a DICOM Printer connection?
If you inform us of the Model of Dicom printer , we can confirm whether it is supported for our system in advance.
If it is not supported, we recommend to contact the printer company or a vendor.
Q: Do Digital X-ray system and MRI system support a PACS connection?
Yes, If you use a PACS, our systems support PACS connection.
Q: Lines and dots are shown in Digital X-ray image.
If defects are visible, please check whether they continue to occur in the same location, or in different locations.
If they appear in the same location, please check if there are foreign matters on the surface or in the grid.
Otherwise, use the provided Calibration Software to re-calibrate, and if you still see the defects, please contact your local dealer, or contact us.
Q: I cannot get Digital X-ray images
If the system does not work, please check if the power cable is in place, and check the main power switch too.
And then, check if the LED of the control box and the LED of the switch box are working normally.
If the LED lamp is not on, It's highly likely that the power plug and cable are not in place,
and if you continue to fail to get images even though the power plug and cable are in place, please contact your local dealer or contact us.
Q: Do the software of Digital X-ray and MRI system support multi-national language?
Our User Interface software basically supports English.
but if you want to support your native language, please request us in advance. we will supply the term list in User Interface software.
If you translate the list into your native language.
we can modify User Interface to support the native language. The language modifying time need 2weeks.
Q: Do I need specific training to use your Digital X-ray or MRI system ?
You will need some specific training to obtain the full advantages of digital X-ray and MRI system
but not for the interpretation of X-ray images and MRI images.
After finish installation of product, our specialist or an authorized engineer will progress the training for our product at hospital.
For the training period, Digital X-ray is required 2days. MRI system is required 2 weeks.
Q: Images are not sent to PACS
The problems related to DICOM may be problems of the DR System, but in many case, it may be problems of the interface with PACS .
If images are not transmitted, check if the internal computer network is working normally, and if there is no problem with the network,
contact the PACS company first, and then contact us.
Q: How do I ask questions about after-sale service?
If there is a problem with our products, Please fill out the CCN (Customer Complaint Report),
and e-mail the symptom and images to your local dealer or
If it’s something urgent, contact your local dealer or contact us. We will take care of it immediately.
Q: I'd like to know your warranty policy.
Our products are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal authorized use consistent with
the product instructions for a period of warranty.

Warranty excludes
  • Repairs activity by an unauthorized engineer.
  • The fault in accordance with instructions supplied by Medonica.
  • Accidental damage, the defect of thermal or electrical stress, the fault of misuse.
  • Routine database management tasks such as disk archival, network storage and recovery of patient images.
  • Loss and damages from natural disasters.